LANGUP project

Our Project

Lang-up is a site to preserve minority and near extinct languages. Lang-up is promoting employability through the raising of awareness of the employment and entrepreneurship possibilities related to the local language.  The framework of the project, three capacity building courses for youth workers is going to be organized in the Netherlands, Argentina, and Peru. They will also hold organised cultural events for the promotion of minority languages. There are going to be developed awareness raising videos in the minority language with subtitles in all the languages of the partnership plus English and recordings of songs in local language which are then going to be published on the web.

Our aim is simple. It is to keep as many languages from going extinct. To do this we are trying to educate as many people as we can, so that the more people that know, the less likely these languages are to die out. We have provided links to websites that can hopefully teach everyone more about what they don’t know. We have provided history to countries and their cultures, we have provided the names of the languages that are dying out. These languages are a piece of history that are dying out and we need to preserve them so that we don’t lose these little pieces of human culture.

The main target audience for this project is the youth. It will be used to inform them on minority and near extinct languages. They will also have the chance to go to cultural events about these languages. It is available for everyone who has access to Lang-up. Different language options will be available through subtitles and it will also include features for children with disabilities.