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Help preserve near extinct languages with LANGUP

Our aim is simple: to promote and keep as many languages as possible from going extinct. To do this we are trying to educate as many people as we can, so that the more people are aware of language diversity and endangered languages, the less likely these languages are to die out. We have provided links to websites that can hopefully teach everyone more about endangered languages. We have provided history to countries and their cultures, as well as details on some of the languages that are dying out in those countriee. These languages are a piece of history that is desappearing. It is important to make people aware of their existence, so that we don’t lose these pieces of intangible human culture.


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The LANGUP e-learning course is now available. Partners created an educational lesson that covers all topics related to LANGUP. Learn about language promotion, language teaching and learning, language technology and language documentation.
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Quotes from the LANGUP people working to promote their language and culture:

“In LANGUP we work to spread and reaffirm minority languages around the world. We seek and intend that more is spoken in these languages and that they are used in both public and private spaces. And those who speak them should work using their original languages.”

Agenda Global Siglo 21

“To recognize the presence of the Afro-Peruvian ethnolecto is to recognize a Spaniard who was destined to disappear due to the process of enslavement and colonization. Talking about our Afroperuvianness is a way of showing resistance and respect to our ancestors.”

Angie Campos and Andrea Ortiz, Peru

“People that wish to learn about Minderico and other endangered languages can use our e-learning platform to help you become leaders in your community and in your work.”

Elsa Nogueira, Catarina Almeida, speakers of Minderico